According to Genesis 2:5 the male was created first. He was given instructions and the full lay of the land from God first. This being the case, men need special and specific attention. Through the power, wisdom and grace of God, the men of Midtown will be built up, encouraged, partnered and matured. Men will be encouraged to serve their family, their church and their community.

From September 2021 to July 2022, we will seek to accomplish the following objectives:

 1. Understand Masculinity from a biblical worldview

A. Understand God the Father

B. Model Jesus (the Son)

2. Mentor through Relationships and Serving (modeling God the Spirit)

1. Sponsor Trips for the youth of the community

2. Build relationships with the youth of the community

3. Teach a variety of basic skills to the youth of the community

3. Care for the Elders

1. Get to know the Elders of the community

 2. Meet basic needs of the Elders

1. Small home repairs

2. Deliveries

3. Prayer

We will take our responsibility of manhood very serious. Our personal homes, churches and communities will be blessed through our planning, team work and spiritual maturity.