Mid-Town Parish is continuing to move forward with the finishing touches on our new building and the grounds. The building is now energized (thank God for electric!) and we are waiting final papers for occupancy. We strongly believe that this building will be a spiritual center in our North Philadelphia community. And we patiently wait and pray for the time when we can worship in our new space!

The congregation of Mid-Town Parish worshipped at a local recreation center since 2004. In 2005 our church building was demolished. Since then, We have been anticipating the moment when we would return to our Holy Land for worship.

Raising the funds for a new church building has been a miracle. This would not have happened without the power of God, the support of our sister United Methodist Churches, and the faithfulness of our membership during this wilderness experience.

Please check back soon for the date and time of our first service in the new building! 

Sanctuary Entrance

New Sanctuary

New Kitchen

New Restrooms